Dr. Tam,

You were highly recommended by one of your patients. I suffer from severe allergies and have tried everything from Allegra to Singular to Flonase. I even went to a allergy specialist at UPenn. They conducted some tests on me and put me on allergy shot treatment for over nearly 2 yrs with very little change or improvement. I am still taking allegra at this time, which provides temporary relief but I am hoping for some permanent solution to my allergy problem. It seems that I am allergy to dust mites, rag weeds, pullen, etc. It’s so bad at times that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. Your help would be grately appreciated. I am in DC but willing to make the travel down if there is a cure for my allergies. Thanks in advance for your help.
Patient Information: Brian Ly, Harleysville, Pennsylvania, 19438, United States

Dr Tam is an angel, sent directly from heavens above

I was suffering with severe food allergies for 14 years , I almost lost about 25 pounds during this time , I was nothing but some bones and skin , my life was so miserable , I didn’t have enough energy to even walk for 100ft , until I found Dr Tam , I sent him an email  explaining my condition and he called me back next day told me that I have liver problem not allergies,  something that even doctors at John Hopkins couldn’t guess for these 14 years .

Its been 6 weeks now after I did my 3 days treatment with Dr Tam , I have gained 6 pounds and no any kindda allergy symptoms whatsoever happend to me , I have enough energy to run for 1 hour now and I feel like everything around me from black & white has turned to bright colorful.

I just dont know how to thank Dr Tam , he changed my life forever and I am always grateful to him , I just pray God to give him a long  life ful of joy, happiness and prosperity.

God bless you Dr Tam.
Patient Information: Alireza, Maryland, 20706, United States

Thank You - The Holland
Patient Information: Rita and Steven Holland, Glastonbury, Connecticut, 06033, United States

Thank you so much.
My mother and I came with three family friends to see if you could help us with our medical problems. All of us noticed significant improvement after the first day. I came to seek help with my allergies and since I returned home from the last session, I have not experienced any of the usual symptoms. We are very grateful for what you’ve done for us and what you have been doing for the community.
Patient Information: Nhat-Anh Nguyen, Virginia, 22042, United States

February 9, 2008

Thank you so much
May you always be as happy?
As you make others!

Dear Thầy Tâm,
Mylinn and Duy are doing so well with their skin. They are sleeping well and eating so well. No itching during the night and morning is sleeping well too. Thank you Thầy.
You are the cure.
You seem to specialize in doing thoughtful deeds. Before we ask, you understand our problems and our needs. You help because you want to, you find joy in being kind, and making others happy is the first thing on your minds. You make this world a better place by practicing the art of reaching out to others and by giving… from the heart.
Luong family in Sarasota, Fl.

Patient Information: Trang Luong, Sarasota, Florida, 34239, United States

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