Bishop Foday Farrar
Thanks you so much for just being a wonderful person and know you make my life more enjoyable. In addition to that the problem I had in my ankle and knee have been removed.  Thanks to your assistance I can run again at 64 years of age and wow I am happy with this.  Do be blessed and don’t ever lose your spiritual connections. 

Because of Calvary

Bishop L. Foday Farrar
Raleigh NC
Patient Information: Bishop L. Foday Farrar, United States

Thank you Doctor

Patient Information: Aisha, Chicago, Illinois, United States

A note from Sabrina Farrar
To Whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to share with others about my experience when I visited Dr Tam.  First and foremost Dr Tam is a true man of God.  He allows God to use him to help people with severe skin conditions. He will tell you up front that he will treat you with all the love but God is the healer. After just two days I could see a noticeable difference in how my skin looked and felt.  The herbal pills and topical cream are amazing.  If you are suffering from a skin condition with no results from mainstream doctors/dernatologist I would strongly urge you to try Dr. Tam and his natural way through wholistic methods. 

Ms. Sabrina R. Farrar
Patient Information: Sabrina R Farrar, United States

Healing Skin
Patient Information: Sabrina Farrar, United States

Thank you Thay Tam and Ms Ha

Dear Thay Tam,
   This is Vuong Thi Dang (Angela). Thank you for helping me get better. I am coming back on October 31. I have had eczema for almost 10 years. Now my skin is smooth but I still have two more appointments to go. Everybody in my family has noticed the change in my skin. I celebrated my 10th birthday and I had a great time. It was a sleepover and I had no problem sleeping. I am really thankful for my healing and I thank God for calling my mother to send me to the right doctor. May God bless Doctor Tam and his wife for helping me recover. I am also proud of him for helping much more people. Thank you so much!

                                            Be Angela Thi Dang

Home state: San Diego, CA

Patient Information: Angela Vuong Thi Dang, San Diego, 92111, United States

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