Ribs for a Vegetarian

I am a former student of Vovinam with Master Tam and I recently broke a rib in my Jiu jitsu class. I was a little afraid because I have never broken a bone and I had heard that there was not much that could be done to fix it. In addition to this I did not want the rib to stick out like I have seen so often on people who have broken their rib. Master Tam diagnosed me and with needles and herbs healed my broken rib. I have never seen a Western Dr. about this rib. Once when I was a student of his I dislocated my right elbow in class he put it back in and healed me with needles and herbs and 12 years later it shows no affect.

Patient Information: Rick White, charlotte , North Carolina, 28273, United States

You are my God
Hi Tam,

I hope you are doing well. I hope you remember us - two "hindu" brothers came and visited you on 07/29/09. I came for allergies and you had treated me for 3 sittings with 2 types of medications. One type is capsules and another one is red liquid medicine. You suggested me to use for 10 days. I had used for 10 days and there is some more medicine still there- should I finish the whole medication?
I need your suggestion on the below. Now I am feeling better. Almost no allergies. You are my God. After 22 years I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. However, now a days some times I feel little flum in the back of my throat (nose is fine). What should I do to get rid of that flum? I was worried because that’s how(with flum in the back of my throat) my allergies started 22 years ago.
I appreciate your suggestion on this email. Btw, I was trying to reach you for the past few weeks (calling you before 7 am) but no answer though.

Thanks, Hari

Patient Information: Hari Pullakhandam , United States

You have made my life more meaningful
I put it in the hands of my minister of music and ask him to work on one song and see how it comes out.  He is good not being a professional and I think we are going to be please with the result of this song.  Once we hear we can determine how to proceed.
By the way you and your wife for some reason have made my life more meaningful.  I work with my members daily and some do not yet think like you two. You two have the heart and mind of God operating inside.  When your wife was showing me the pictures it was as though I was sitting with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  She amaze me with her love and dedication to helping others especially those back home who need out help and assistance. You guys go straight to my heart and I felt like running out of your house before embarrassing myself crying like a lady - smile! Keep impacting the lives of all the folk who come in your home.
One day I would love to go by the pharmacy’s and see the work you two do. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding alternative medicine and have discovered so much about your work.  I feel better than I ever felt in my life.  My refrigerator looks like yours and my energy level is off the hook. Thanks so much Dr. Tam you make my day.
Love you two,
God called me to serious ministry when I was in Viet Nam.  That is probably why I have met you to remind me of simple Godly living and knowing how much is enough for one person.
Patient Information: Foday, United States

True friend
I don’t have many friends by choice and yet I consider you one for sure.  I pray for you all the time and for all those you help with the presence of God.  You are a great man and I thank God for having met you and for having you in my life.
Bishop L. Foday Farrar
PS.  My wife and I will see you Wednesday when the door opens.  She is a lot better and by the third treatment completely healed.

Patient Information: Bishop L. Foday Farrar, United States

hi Mr Tam -

My vietnamese girlfriend found your site researching psoriasis. I have had it for five years, mostly on my knees, elbows and scalp.  Dr. Nicolas Lowe from London was my physician for a while, but now being treated by yamamuchi in Santa Monica, St. Johns.  I was taking injections of himura, but my insurance  ran out and no longer can afford it.  Although it cleared up 97% - I gained my confidence back, but it has come back again and is very uncomfortable.  I was wondering if your herbs and cream are effective and how long and dosage i would have to take in order for it
to be somewhat effective.  Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you 
shortly.  Ken Sax  310.785.0335  http://www.kensax.com

Patient Information: Ken Sax, Los Angeles, California, 90064, United States

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