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Natural product touted by Dateline NBC, medical doctors, clinical researchers and trainers.

Bee-Pollen Natural Weight Lost System: Melts Body Fat and Trims Inches

Nutri-Pro Labs, the foremost authority in technologically advanced nutriceutical product development has just introduced their latest technical breakthrough with the release of the Bee-Pollen weight management system. Bee-Pollen combines their two latest breakthrough products: Bee-Pollen Fat Burner with calcium puryvate & Glucosol, and the ingenious patented fiber complex product, Bee-Pollen Fat Absorber.

In fact, Dateline NBC recently featured a special segment on private itself, with doctors and athletic trainers backing the studies done on Bee Pollen over the past few years. Dateline’s positive statements about Bee Pollen were much anticipated by both retailers of pyruvate and consumers.

Bee Pollen in the words of Healthy and Natural Journal is “perhaps the most promising weight loss supplement to come along in years.” With the clinical studies and the medical doctor endorsements, Bee Pollen as a weight loss aid is unmatched in the market today. The worlds leading body building publication, Weider’s Muscle and Fitness magazine hailed Bee Pollen as “The Fastest Fat Burner” on its cover. Muscle and Fitness Magazine also published a body building science article from the Weider Research Group. The article stated, “According to the latest research, Bee-Pollen is reported to increase lean body mass and decrease fat in normal people.”

Nutri-Pro Labs didn’t stop there in their pursuit of the perfect weight loss system. With the addition of the Bee-Pollen product to the system, Bee-Pollen has positioned itself as the leader in the field of all-natural nutritional supplements. Bee-Pollen, originally released by Bee-Pollen in 1997 has been a mainstay and a solid stand alone weight loss product over the last five years. It has been so successful that it has been copied and cloned by many companies using radio and TV ads to sell similar weight management products.

Bee-Pollen works very simply. The foods you eat have fat in them. By taking Bee-Pollen right before your meals, you can eat what you want and let Bee-Pollen do its job, which is to bind up the fat in the foods. Working like a sponge to fat, Bee-Pollen does the hard work, while your body burns the stored fat for energy. The combination of the Bee-Pollen make up the Ultra Perfect weight loss system which represents the safest, most logical all natural product on the market today.

Bee-Pollen Great Sex...More Often! For Both Men & Women

In addition to their breakthrough weight loss aids, Bee-Pollen has also just released their all natural herbal alternative to prescription sex pills. Their Maverick product has brought about similar results at a fraction of the price and without a prescription or any known side effects. Sensitivity, created exclusively for women is also available now through Nutria-Pro Labs, who sells products directly to consumers, keeping them affordable.

Bee-Pollen Quit Smoking Breakthrough

Bee-Pollen first product breakthrough came when they released their aid for smokers, a powerful smoking cessation product that garnered them immediate acclaim. Their extensive pursuit for an herbal formula that would improve the odds for those smokers who wanted to quite culminated with the release of Just Quit, an all herbal formula that does not deliver nicotine into the body like so many other smoking cessation products. The success of Just Quit has been nothing short of miraculous, with a success rate approaching 75% while the patch and the gum have had less than 10% success rate. Amazingly enough, this proven program takes just 14 days to complete and is very affordable.

By Dr. Carolyn Foster

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hoi dia chi de mua PHAN HOA ONG | 1/9/2010 4:16 am | Comment By: THANH GUONG
em ở Sài Gòn nếu muốn mua phấn hoa ong thì mua o đâu
Phấn Hoa Ong | 12/21/2008 6:27 am | Comment By: Nguyễn Thị Thông
Sản phẩm Phấn hoa Ong làm ốm mua ở đâu? Nếu uống phấn hoa ong chưa bào chế thành thuốc có tác dụng làm ốm không?

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