Enhances libido and sexual performance and reduces the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (or male impotence). Men taking Panax Ginseng are easier to attain firmer, longer-lasting erections.  Ginsenosides (class of steroid glycosides), the active ingredients extracted from Panax Ginseng, have been shown to promote nitric oxide (NO) release and enhance NO release. The nerves in penile tissue contain NO synthase and an NO-like substance that causes relaxation of the corpus cavernosum.

The National Institutes of Health suggests that Panax Ginseng can improve fertility in men. Men taking Panax Ginseng supplements have higher sperm counts and increased sperm motility.  Herbalists frequently recommend ginseng as a complementary treatment option for men with infertility caused by low sperm count.  Furthermore, Panax Ginseng can be an effective alternative to the invasive approaches for treating male premature ejaculation.